With new marketing trends, new marketing techniques have been launched in the market. The sole purpose is to promote the product or services of a company in one way or the other. Different companies and businesses are now opting for 3D hologram displays in shopping malls, retail stores, and public places to reach the target audience on a larger scale. 

The use of 3D hologram displays for the promotion of your business can make you stand out among other competitors, and if you use it for a party, yours will definitely shine out. 

The Future Of Advertising——3D Hologram Display

3D Hologram display can be defined as a 3D projection, which can be seen by your target audience without the need for 3D glasses.  A 3D hologram displays the objects in 3 dimensions and gives them a look of a real object floating in the air. It is the latest marketing technique that has gained popularity in very little time and is being acknowledged by businesses.

However, not all 3D hologram displays are created equal. With so many 3D Hologram display companies available in the market, it is important for you to consider a few features that you need to consider before you make an investment.  Quality always matters if you want a real like 3D projection, which will, of course, attract more potential customers.

Instead of buying a cheap 3D Hologram display from the market, we would suggest you to invest in the GIWOX 3D Hologram display, as it is one of the leading names in the introduction of 3D holographic display technology.  Why choose Giwox? Read on ahead to know.


GIWOX 3D Hologram Display

GIWOX is a manufacturer of professional 3D hologram displays that are used for the purpose of advertising and promotion. A GIWOX 3D Hologram display comes in the shape of an LED fan and can be installed at 6.5 feet higher on the walls. It displays Holographic 3D photos and videos and also incorporates sound to maximize your marketing efforts.

The company has launched seven models, and every model comes in two sizes. Holo42, Holo42S, Holo50, Holo50S, Holo65, Holo65S, Holo100. Each model allows easy and creative content that can be used to promote the company in the selected market.

6 Reasons Why Choose Giwox 3D Hologram Display?

The GIWOX 3D products can be used for holiday events and occasions and parties. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, malls, stages, museums, airports, casinos, bars, stores, shops, banks, and where ever you want. So, the choice of applications is countless.

Buying a GIWOX 3D Hologram display over the competitors is the best investment you can make. Want to know how? Well, here are 7 reasons why you should decide on buying a 3D hologram fan display from Giwox for your business.

  1. Built-In Features Of GIWOX 3D Hologram Display:

The GIWOX 3D Hologram displays come with the features of 8 GB Micro SD card and a free 3D Video Resource.  The display comes with free Software, which is applicable for all Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You can use the Software to run your 3D content for campaigns easily.

  2. Superior HD Image Quality:

It is the quality of the image that would attract the people passing by and make the random public your loyal clients in the future. GIWOX uses well-certified components in its devices that are used for producing high-quality 3D images.

The large size of the HD images with sounds and superior brightness lead to enhanced customer experience. The image produced by the GIWOX 3D Hologram displays has no visual distortion issues, which makes the products float in air seamlessly. 

  3. A Wide Range Of Hologram Solutions:

Giwox offers different solutions for every advertising need. You can have the portable backpack holograms that you can take anywhere with you and advertise your business even when walking on the streets. You can have portrait cabinets, mega vision walls, and serial suspension accessories to maximize your advertising efforts and make your business really stand out with the best 3D holograms in town.

  4. Superior Customer Services:

The company started in 2016, which is fairly a smaller amount of time to take a company to the heights that Giwox is at today.  In a short period of 4 years, the company became the first choice to buy 3D hologram products due to its high-quality technology and excellent 24/7 customer services. At the moment, Giwox has distributors all around the world and expanding.

  5. Easy To Manage:

Content is vital when we talk about Hologram technology. GIWOX knows it and thus makes it easy to manage the content. The system allows the users to manage multiple devices, in addition, to upload and manage the content systematically. All you have to do is to insert the SD card, and you are good to go.

  6. You Can Plan Media Campaigns:

With the GIWOX 3D Hologram display, now it is easy to make your own schedules for a media campaign of your product or service in the market. You can now get a full analysis of the scheduled campaign on your display device. You can also manage your media campaigns at different locations with Cloud Management that connects multiple devices at the same time.

  7. The Free 3D Media Library Is Loaded With Animated Images:

You don’t have to be an animation expert to run a marketing campaign or a party; the GIWOX 3D Hologram display features a wide collection of animations that can be used for any occasion. You can get a perfect 3D animation for occasions of Christmas, Easter, New Year, Halloween and all.

The free media library is occupied with 3D animated images of movie and cartoon characters. The best part is that this library is constantly updated by GIWOX to facilitate its customers, and you can browse and download your preferred content in seconds.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know why choose Giwox. With so many hologram display manufacturing companies in the market, it is wise to invest in the GIWOX 3D Hologram display as it responds to all the marketing needs of a business at competitive prices. The company 3D displays are built using the latest technology and come with high resolution to provide the finest images to the views. 

GIWOX 3D Hologram display is the best solution that can be flawlessly integrated into your business and providing it a complete media planning system and helping you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

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