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3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine

3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine uses the principle of human visual persistence (POV) technology to realize 3D holographic visual enhancement effect, air suspension and holographic three-dimensional display effect through high-speed rotation imaging of ultra-high-density LED lamp belt, breaking the limitations and boredom of traditional plane display. It can also carry out real-time synchronous and interactive development, leading the new trend of commercial holographic display industry.

Product features of 3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine

3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine, which uses human visual persistence (POV) technology, has more advantages in three-dimensional effect than other products, mainly reflected in several aspects:

1. There is no need to wear professional glasses to watch 3D, with high light transmittance and no loss of brightness

2. The three-dimensional effect is outstanding, the visual impact is strong, the image is clear, the edge contour is good, and there is no ghosting

3. With wide viewing angle and many viewing points, you can easily obtain the best viewing position at will to meet the viewing needs of many people

4. Simple and generous

5. It can fully meet the requirements of 7 * 24-hour playback

Application field of 3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine

Based on the naked eye 3D LED display technology, the 3D holographic dazzle screen advertising machine system solution has developed a variety of industry application solutions, mainly applied in the following fields:

1. Media advertising: airports, stations, banks, shopping malls, shopping malls

2. Brand promotion: terminal stores (specialty stores) and promotion activities

3. Entertainment industry: 3D cinema lobby, bar lobby, Club VIP room, hotel lobby and video game store

4. Exhibition: enterprise exhibition hall, 3D demonstration of real estate buildings, exhibitions, museums and science and technology museums

5. Cultural tourism and night tour

6. Professional fields: industrial design, medical treatment, biology, military industry, etc

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